LGBTQ+ youth are at increased risk for substance use, but you can help.

Youth who identify as LGBTQ+, an umbrella acronym that encompasses different sexual orientations and gender identities, face a heightened risk for substance use because of the stigma and discrimination they often experience. You can help protect your LGBTQ+ child from substance use by being supportive of their identity, offering unconditional love and support, and responding

The Inside Resource Vol. 6

LGBTQAI+ and Problem Gambling Our next episode discusses gambling/problem gambling within the LGBTQAI+ community. What is your community saying about gambling? Recently, the Mid-Hudson Problem Gambling Resource Center has hosted listening sessions throughout the region. Our goal was to learn more about what our communities are saying about problem gambling. Here's what is being

Demand New York spends settlement dollars on Addiction Services!

New York stands to receive a substantial amount of money from litigation against the opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies. Overdose deaths involving opioids have killed more than half a million people over the past two decades. This public health crisis has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some counties like Albany reporting an increase

Mental Health Action Day

From Awareness to Action Shatterproof and a coalition of nonprofits, influential leaders and brands are organizing a Mental Health Action Day. This effort seeks to drive society from mental health awareness to mental health action. Join us on May 20th as we take the first step together! Learn more

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