We made it through October and all of our coalition and Red Ribbon Week events/activities!

We have roughly 200 submissions for a youth engagement survey created by Beverly Braxton from We The People. We will be working to organize the data before sharing it with the schools and others. This 5 question survey really focused on the needs of youth in Orange County. It asked what the top 5 topics that concern them the most are. They selected things like: depression, anxiety, gender identity, racism, physical and mental burnout, uncertainty for the future, peer pressure etc. It also asked what makes them hopeful for the future and what is good in their world. As well as a few other questions. We are really excited to organize all of these responses and see their suggestions on how we can better reach them and provide resources.


Trunk or Treat raised roughly $2,500 for the schools and the coalition. How Exciting!! The SADD Club did a great job with the haunted house, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Some of the handmade costumes and decorated trunks were amazing. Go to our Facebook page to see some of the photos for yourself.


We are working on organizing another narcan training with the National Guard for either this month or next month. We have 12 community members interested in a training. Once the date is selected we will open it up to coalition members who would like to attend as well.


We really need to organize a group coalition photo with or without our T-shirts, as we really need to update our brochure and order more. Please let us know a week day (late afternoon early evening) that works for you to come to the community center for a few quick photos.


Lastly information below about Making Healthful Decisions Conference if you are interested in submitting a proposal for a workshop please refer HERE.