Deterra Bag Program

Warwick Coalition Youth Coordinator Francesca Bryson wants you to know the importance of proper drug and medication disposal. Proper drug disposal of unused medications can prevent the negative and toxic impacts on our environment. Safely disposing of prescription medication can reduce the risks of accidental poisonings. According to the CDC and Prevention, medications are one of the most common poison exposures in the US. Properly disposing of your unused or expired medication can prevent public safety issues such as accidental poisonings, overdoses, misuse and abuse. We want to keep them out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have them.

The Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition usually joins forces with the Warwick Police Department in an event called Drug Take Back Day, where residents can discard their medications properly. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic this event is not taking place this year. The Coalition had to quickly come up with a plan of action which is the Deterra Drug Deactivation bags. These environmental friendly pouches contain organic additives and microbes that break down the medications in the form of pills, patches or liquid. Over time the plastic pouch disintegrates leaving behind the release of water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of organic biomass.

The Deterra Drug Deactivation System is very easy to use. Simply open the bag, dump unwanted medication inside, fill the bag halfway with warm water, wait 30 seconds and give it a good little shake and then dispose of it in your regular trash. Remember to be sure to scratch out all personal information on your prescription bottles making sure they are not legible.

These bags were distributed to four local pharmacys :  CVS Pharmacy in Warwick, Akin’s Pharmacy on Main Street in Warwick, Price Chopper Pharmacy on Route 94, and the Florida Pharmacy on North Main Street. The next time you are in to pick up your prescription please ask the pharmacist for a FREE Deterra bag courtesy of the Warwick Valley Coalition.